In Production

The Road Home

 Devon Carmichael's peaceful life turns to ruin when he loses his job, his apartment and his girlfriend in the same day. As Devon's depression begins to set in, his best friend Mike, a  successful television actor, persuades him to take a road trip through California's central coast. What they find is fun, debauchery and love.

Killing Angels

A group of elitist recruit a freelance agent in an attempt to bring down the worlds biggest human trafficking organization. 

Last Best Place

Mike left his small Montana home behind him to pursue a successful career in Los Angeles, but when he reluctantly returns home for his parent's 40th anniversary, the trip proves to be much more than he expected. Beyond his family's craziness and his childhood friends who are all wrestling with their own personal dilemmas, Mike comes home to an unexpected high school reunion which acts as the catalyst that forces him to confront his personal and professional fears. He rediscovers the part of himself that he left behind, and through his friends and family, he questions the choices he has made in his life, and what he truly has given up in his search for success.

In Development

Brother of the Bride

John Atwood finds himself owing ruthless mob boss Vince Fuller 40K which the out-of-work adult film star has no way of paying back. To clear the debt and continue living, John agrees to use his acting skills to attend Vince's long-lost sister Mia's wedding, posing as Vince under the guise that Vince Fuller is a brilliant and noble neurosurgeon. Major complications ensue when Mia's fiance Craig inadvertently uncovers the truth about John, using it to do a little blackmailing of his own, right before John realizes that he's falling for the lovely Mia with her still thinking they are long-lost siblings!

Defenders of the Light

In the dark ages, the only thing that kept balance in the world and evil at bay was a small group now long forgotten. They were known as THE DEFENDERS OF THE LIGHT. Most now dead or forced to go into hiding, a small group of them  is all that remains. They are the only chance of keeping everything the world holds pure, from falling into complete darkness.

Much Ado About Mars

William Shakespeare returns to Earth as a Martian assassin, assigned to assassinate the Director of the FBI, in advance of a “body snatcher” type invasion, but when he disguises himself as a literature professor and begins a passionate affair with the Director’s beautiful daughter, and genetic testing reveals that her resulting pregnancy will produce the most intelligent person who ever lived, and who will probably solve the major Einsteinian problem of “the cosmological constant,” the invasion goes terribly awry, for this and many other reasons, involving the ultimate secret to the Windows software, the plight of the elderly in retirement homes, and the theft of one of Picasso’s major abstract paintings.