Founded in 2009 by award winning film maker, Hunter G. Williams. Busted Knuckle Productions has provided audiences worldwide with memorable film experiences.  Our mission is to bring viewers entertaining, cutting-edge films that span all genres. Our offices are based in Los Angeles, however we work globally. 

To date, our ability to execute every genre successfully, has helped our short films win more than thirty awards, the most recent "Call to Action" landing a three year deal on DirectTv, while our features are released worldwide.

Busted Knuckle Productions has partnered with leading distribution companies, making worldwide markets the key to the company’s distribution strategy. Busted Knuckle's first film, The Crying Dead,  locked a deal with Viva Pictures for over 300% ROI on domestic sales alone.

Our extensive relationships are the key to Busted Knuckle's success. BKP's colleagues are the pinnacle of talent and eager to continue working with this tight knit company. Cast and crew are the major expenses when it comes to film making, and due to close professional and personal connections, Busted Knuckle can attain the best in the business for less than its competitors. 

We focus on every aspect of development, and we offer many services ranging from Producing, script editing and re-writes, HD Camera rentals, production services, consulting, associate producing, executive producing, locations and project casting.

Busted Knuckle Productions has quickly become a respected company in the film community known for its quality work.








Our Team

Hunter G. Williams      CEO

Daniel Rentas             Executive

Casey McCoy              Executive

 Justin Chien             Producer

 James Schwartz         Executive